How do i add my API Call to workflow after adding in plug-in

I have a working example of using a SOAP API call using a simple calculator. So, it’s obvious my call was available at one point in this project. Not sure why it would not available now.

I also tried creating a new project and the same issue comes up, I cannot find how to add my API Call to the workflow. See details below.

I created a calculate button that called the Add API Call defined as shown in this example. But now when I try to add an API action to the workflow using another button, it seems to show that the API Connector plug-in is not available with the call I defined.

See a quick walk through of what was done here

See example project here

Thank you for your help with this!

Hey @theAppChicks,

You need to set the call’s data to be “Use as Action” in the API Connector settings.

That’s what will make it available in the workflows as an action. You might have had it as that, then changed to “Data” and the existing action probably stuck around (probably a confusing glitch). I changed it and it shows up under Plugin actions now as it should.

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@romanmg Thank you so much! You’re awesome Gaby! That must have been it, I see it now!!! :grinning:


This was useful near 4 years later!