How do I add regular text to a repeating group to make labels?

I’m finding it very difficult to work within the responsive engine. The property menu is a tad different than the ones in most videos (older than the current version of the responsive engine, which I get is in Beta) and so many videos are not really helping. Also, the groups I have to work within are making it so complicated to just place things on the page. (End of whining…)

My specific question is, how do I create regular text labels for the items in my repeating group? Like if I wanted to label the views as ‘Views: 3890’ ? There doesn’t seem to be any way to add any type of regular text like ‘Views’ to a repeating group, or is there?

Thanks a lot!

I just add a text element.

Hi @adamhholmes , mine doesn’t show up when I preview. Buttons, text element, nothing except dynamic data.

I saw a video where the creator used all dynamic data so I assumed nothing elsewas possible or at best it was difficult since mine isn’t showing.

Might it be a bug I’m dealing with or something I’m missing?

A repeating group must have data loaded into it in order to show - but as long as it does you can put any elements you like inside it:

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