How do I allow people to share my app with others?

A start-up consultant says I really should have way for users to share my app (health app) with people they know from the app. How would I do this?

For context, he says i should have something like “Share this with at least one person you care about, you’ll be doing them a favour.” then i guess there could be a share button, that shares it to socials?? or simply generates a link to their clipboard? or something else? and how would it work.

Any ideas? Cheers

Something like this?

I have used two free plugins. Anyshare plugin by Bubble and Copy to clipboard plugin.

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Yeah i think just copying to clipboard will be best. Thanks.

Social Shares via links

Or click to email function to automatically send into the body of the email the link to the app

Or can also add a functionality to invite users to sign up to the app where the user adds an email address to an input and you send an email to invite the user to the app.

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