How do I answer this question Need help!

Hi all, I have zero experience coding, loving bubble. I’m trying to get an App Key for the google calendar plugin and got stopped cold by this question:

I have no idea how answer this question. It says it could “unsafe” to answer incorrectly, so I’m at a full stop till I’m confident about how to answer…

I appreciate any input on this.

I believe this would be Web Browser (Javascript) as Bubble is accessed via a web browser and it is based on Javascript…but don’t hold me to it as I don’t have experience with this plugin

Thanks boston85719 I did manage to find a video tutorial that covered the setup of a similar plugin.

Again, Thank you for getting back to me on this.

What was the answer?

The Author, actually, selected ‘web-server’ in the video. So that’s the one I chose as well. Was that a bad choice? And, if so, can you explain. I’m learning new things everyday.


Does that help