How do I approach this?

Hello guys, I am gathering user data and I want to present them with interest areas which they can choose as many as they want and all are categorized. It’s the same as what Twitter does when you’re signing up for a new account as in these pictures. How do I approach this?

Probably start with a new data type called “Interest Tag” or something, and it would have a text field for the name of the tag. Then under the User type you would add a new field called “Interests” and pick the “Interest Tag” type and make it a list.

Then make that screen similar to Twitter with a repeating group, and the data source would be “Do a search for Interest Tag”. There’s a new repeating group scroll direction called “Wrapped horizontally” which recreates that exact layout where each tag fits to the text.

When a user presses on a tag have it add the Current cell’s Interest Tag to the User’s Interests.

Then for an admin screen you would want a screen where you or someone can create those tags so they show up for users.

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