How do I authorize the user's registration in the app upon confirmation by the administrator?

Good afternoon

I am developing an application for a school, however, I want to authorize the registration in the student app. The idea is that the application itself checks the enrollment informed by the student and verifies that it is registered in an excel spreadsheet and if it is, authorize the student’s registration.

How can I develop this idea?

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Something like this?

Hi, thanks for your contribution, but that’s not quite it.

Let me try to describe the situation to you.

I am developing an application for a school that has 2,000 students. This application aims to pass information to students only. For this, the student would have to make a registration, however, for the completion of the registration the application would check if the registration in question is really of a student enrolls.

In the case I need to create a database with the 2 thousand enrollments of the students and when registering the student informs his enrollment and he the app checks if it is in the database. If not, it blocks the person’s registration. Preventing others who are not students of the school to register.

If I understood right, you don’t want anyone who is not included in the database to be able to register. Is that it?

Yes, in this case, no student enrollment that is not in the database. The question is:

1 - How do I create a database with all registrations.

2 - How to make sure that only students who inform the enrollment that is in the database make the registration.

I thank you for having patience and availability to help me.

I don’t know if you can understand, because I am from Brazil, and my English is not very good. lol

Did anyone ever answer your question? If so, how did you resolve it? Any help is appreciated. I’m looking for help on a similar issue.