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How do I average numbers together. Please help!

I am making an app that will use crowdsourcing to help delivery drivers (for companies such as postmates and doordash) be able to see which restaurants are more likely to get you a higher tip. So drivers would contribute by submitting what their tip was for a specific restaurant, and then we would get averages over time.

I have the submission form set up where they can type in the restaurant’s name, address and then the tip amount. Once submitted, the information then goes to the google map I have set up and you can click on the tab on the map and see that info.

However, if you put in the same restaurant twice it clears the first entry and uses the new one instead, therefore I’m not getting the averages.

This is the only hang up I have experienced, but I have spent 20+ hours trying to figure it out with no luck. Please help me if you know how to do this and let me know if I need to provide you with any more info!

Thanks a ton guys!!