How do I call data on index that's created on a different page?

I have successfully created an administrator login page where admins can update what are essentially blog posts on the home page. I’ve saved the data and can successfully display it on the admin page where the data is written, but I can’t call it on index or any other page for that matter… What am I doing wrong here? Let me know, thanks.

You would have to “Do a Search…” for whatever data you want to call from the database.

I’m a little confused with another question, maybe you can help. It won’t let me post anything else in the forum for today as I’ve already asked a lot of questions.

When I try to send a user to another page, it wants me to send data with them to the next page… What if I don’t want them to send data? If a user clicks a shopping cart icon and I want to send them to a page to view their cart, there isn’t any data to send, but there is no option for sending no data.

The default when you create a new page is that you leave the “send data” blank and it will throw an error if “send data” isn’t blank. So there must be some data parameter on the shopping cart page that requires data to be sent with the user. If you can find this parameter by double clicking on the page background and looking under “type of content” and then remove the content type from the page so there is no content type for the shopping cart page, you should be fine.

Also, you can work around issues of having to send data between pages by using workflows to “show an element” and “hide” other elements on the same page instead of navigating bwtween pages. This can be helpful in a variety of cases.

Dude, you need to do the tutorials. You say you’re familiar with web development, but you just keep asking really basic questions that are very RTFM.

Spend some time with the manual (as well as consult the contextual reference while using the editor). Both are very useful.

To your question: here’s the concept you do not grok. The Page object has a data type (or at least it CAN have one). Functional pages in your app will always have a data type of some sort.

A page for a shopping cart most DEFINITELY has data that should be sent to it. Is the “Latest Cart” an object saved on the User? (This would be stupid actually, don’t do that.) If so, send data User to the page, eh?

Is the cart an object saved in the database? (It should be.) If so, send that cart’s ID to the page.
Your cart page will have a URL that looks like this:

That unique ID part is the “data” that gets sent to the page.