How do I categorize conditionals for differnet users?

Hi, I have a set of charts that I would like the main User to be able to give permission to another colleague to view (colleague 1).

However, I need this data not to be shared with any other colleague except the intended recipient (colleague 1 can view, but colleague 2 cannot since User didnt share it with colleague 2)

I have tried doing it with permissions but I have run into 3 challenges:

-I dont want to be having to assign permissions on the back end manually (so I need the user to be able to create the conditional themselves through something like a button)

-When I enable permissions to share, it shares it with all colleagues, since all other users are labeled as colleague.

-Because of the previous, I don’t know the best way to assign the permission unless I do it through their username/email

Whats the best way to label a category so certain data apprear/dissapear for different colleagues based on what the user shares?
Any advice will be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

I would approach this by creating a ‘allowed users’ User (list) field on the data type. Then the owner of the data type would share it, adding their colleague to the list

Then create a privacy setting that ‘if user in this list’ they can access it.

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Thank you Madvault.
That’s the perfect and practical solution I was looking for.