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How do I compare use :Minus List

I have a workflow setting a list of promotions, I’m trying to check the users redeemed promotions that are redeemable once and only process the items that are NOT a match.

Here is a screenshot of what I was trying, I looked at the documentation and couldn’t see an option.

The first filter gets active promotions on the advert.

The second filter checks the users completed promotions is “Single-use only” = “Yes”

Ideally, I would just subtract the returned items from the user but it’s not setting any in my data (0).

Anyone know how to use minus list? its not working for me.

I want to “if a promotion is set to earn once and is in the users list of completed promotions, remove it from the list were adding.”

Right now if a promotion is set to YES it doesn’t add twice.

The PROBLEM is when a promotion’s earn once is no it doesn’t add at all. Even if the users list is empty.

been scouring for answers, is not working for me either.

I’m thinking it only works on RGs…