How do I connect Peltarion to Bubble using Bubble’s own API connector


I’ve found Peltarion’s API plug-in too limiting. I want to use Bubble’s API Connector instead. What steps do I need to take connect the two APIs? I know I need a key but I can’t figure out where I get the key for Peltarion. Could anyone provide help here?


Hello, when you have successfully trained your model and have your desired results. Deploy your model and a curl request will be generated that you can copy and paste in the API connector. As well your API Token will be given to you as well. Please see the attached image, your token value will be located where the black marks are on my screenshot.

Sidenote: When you are setting up your authentication in the API connector, you will need to append the term “Bearer” before entering your token value. Please reach out and email me eat if you have any further questions.


Just emailed you to follow up. Thank you!