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How do I control my icons and elements beter

Hi all,

This is the picture of my build.

All the icons, hambuger menu, search bar and dropdowns are all situated in a floating group.
Hamburger on the left and shopingcart on the right site.

In the preview its completely different. This is a picture in the size for a iphone. The hamburger menu shifted to the right and the shopping cart is in the middle.

I would like to have it that the hamburger menu is stuck to left and the shopping cart is stuck to the right site of the screen.

I tried to put the menu and icon in groups but also no result.

These are the setting of the shopping cart icon. Basically all the elements are setup the same way as the icon.


What is the best way to go on controlling the place on the screen by resizing?

Hope that you can point me out in the right direction.

Thanks all.