How do I correctly apply <- max -> to dates?

I want to compare two dates and use the more recent one. However, the comparison using ← max → doesn’t seem to work. I set up this example, to figure it out but I don’t see what goes wrong.

I set up a text field comparing the current time to the current time minus 167 hours. The result seems obvious.

But ← max → and ← min → deliver the same results:


Can anyone guide me back on the right way?



The “+hours: -167” is applied after the <-max-> / <-min-> operator.

Because of this you get the same result twice. Both times you’re comparing current date/time with current date/time (which is current date/time) and afterwards subtract 167 hours from it.

If you do the +hours operation in another field and only use the <-max->/<-min-> you will notice that you will get the result you are looking for.

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Thanks, That was a good hint. Now I get the results I expected. :+1:

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