How do i count the number of words in a cell?

I have a feature where users can write multiple 1000-5000 words of content and save it as a row in my database.

Is there any way to use “Do search for” to display the number of words in that particular cell, the number of words they have written this month, and the number of words they have written overall?


Hmm, you could try use ‘split by’ and use a ‘space’ to count the words and extract that value?

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Hi there, @farhansheikh047… if having the number of words is important in your app, I probably wouldn’t want to calculate those numbers on the fly every time. So (and I’m gueesing others might disagree), I would likely have a number field where I store the number of words associated with a row, and I would save a number to that field when a row is saved by taking the content and using the :split by operator to split by a space character (literally type a space in the Text separator field) and then add the :count operator to the end of the expression.

With those numbers stored for each row, it would be super easy to get the number of words associated with a specific row, all of the rows in a given month, or all of the rows a user has ever created.

Hope this helps.


Thanks Mike!

Storing that number sounds great, should save a lot of process I suppose. I’ll try :Split by & :count first.

Also, how do you suggest to sum it up for “given month”?


You will use constraints on a search to get the rows that were created within the given month, and there are lots of posts in the forum that show what those kinds of constraints look like.

Thanks again!

Just used:

Date ≥ Current date/time: Rounded down to Month

Worked like a charm, now I’ll give the word count a try

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Yep, it worked, Thanks Mike!

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