How do I create a Comment in a Thing?

Hi all! I’m a newbie to Bubble and searched far-and-wide, but couldn’t figure this out. Hoping the great community can help!

I want to create a pretty simple structure (I think). I have a top-level item called “Questions”. Within “Questions”, I want to have “Comments”.

So here’s my Question data structure:

And my Comment data structure:

I can easily create this page, where a Question is created and posted in a RG, along with its description:

I can click into the Question and visit the Question’s page:

I can even collect Comments and post them in a RG underneath this input (in the most recent SS), but here’s where I’m stuck…

I want to create Comments inside the Question and only display the Comments that were posted to that one Question. I’ll control who sees which Questions later with a Membership to a Question.

I think my big issue is I can’t figure out how to use my Workflow to: Create a New Thing > Comment > text = Input’s value *but only for the Current Page’s Question.

Can anyone help? Thanks in advance! I’ve somehow spent over a day on this and can’t figure it out. Starting to feel like a dunce!

You can add a field on the Comment called “Question,” then make sure you’re setting the Question to that specific question.

Then, on the page you’re looking at there, you would fill a RG with Comments that have Question = Current Page Question (or however you’re populating that)

Alternatively, the next step of the Workflow you already have would be this: Make Change to a Thing > Current Question > Comments add Result of Step 1


You. Are. Awesome. Got it working.

Thank you!

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