How do I create multiple users in a single session?

I’m a novice and I’m looking to create a bubble board game that can be played by two players. The principle is simple, each player rolls a die and advances according to the result of the die. I’ve managed to create it for one user by tinkering, but I’d like to find a way of doing it properly. What I’m looking for is that when someone lands on a number on the die (they’ll have to click on the corresponding square on the die), the text that tells them how many squares they’re on will increase. And that it does the same thing for the second person.

he starts the game, rolls 5 on the die. The text indicating his number of squares increases → "You are at square “5"” then the same for the next person.

The most simple solution would be to add a text on a popup with no background and show that popup after a players rolls a number on the die

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