How do i delete a 'step' in a sign-up flow template?


currently using this template for my sign up flow

I’m struggling to figure out how to get rid of a step of the template. The template comes with 5 steps, I only plan to use 4 of them. The issue is that when deleting the 4th step form the elements tree, it only deletes the contents of the element but not the actual step itself. I want to navigate directly from step 3 to step 4 (currently step 5) and skip the old step 4 (currently step 4).

My guess is that it has something to do with the custom states associated with the step but I’m really not sure.


You’ll first need to look at the current workflows to see how the process works, and find out where, and how, the step you’re looking to take out is activated. Then you’ll need to modify the existing workflows and conditions so that you can move from the previous step to the desired one. Then you can delete the associated elements from the page.

I’m not familiar with that particular template but, having just had a quick look at it, the element for each step is displayed based on the group_master’s custom state ‘step’, which is set in a workflow when the button ‘next step’ is clicked.

So the simplest way to remove Step 4 is to delete the group that contains step 4 (or just remove the condition to display it if you don’t want to delete it entirely), then change the condition on the subsequent group (step 5) so it appears when the custom state’s value is 4.

Then you’ll need to check and modify any other related conditions (such as when to hide the Next button, the page numbers, etc.).

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