How do I determine additional capacity upgrade?

My app is currently on the Team plan. There is a page where I am pulling data externally from different XML feeds. For the last few days, I’ve been getting emails that my app is running at maximum capacity:

I’m looking into upgrading the capacity so that my page loads faster, but how can I determine the best amount of units to add to my app? Of course the higher the better, but I don’t want to spend more than I need to for capacity.

@ethan - not sure if you’ve seen this thread but there may be some ideas to help you with improving performance so you don’t need to get capacity upgrade. You may also want to look at using API workflow. I recently had similar emails and made some design changes. My capacity issues went away by using API workflow as well as “List of Numbers” in Toolbox plugin as i was doing a lot of searches in a “looping” manner

I looked at this thread, but I couldn’t find a way to call my XML feed through the API workflow. It looks like this is designed for the Bubble app’s API? It would make sense to call my XML feeds in the background, once, and then display the data in whatever way I want.

Have you looked at the API Connector plugin?