How do I display a popup message to the user if a RG still hasn't loaded after x seconds

I have a RG which is hidden by default until its data is loaded.

However, the RG data never loads for very a small percentage of users due to their strict browser/network setting.

So that users are aware that it’s their browser causing the issue, how do I display a popup message if the RG still hasn’t loaded after x number of seconds?

I suppose you can implement a do when workflow to show the pop-up.

To calculate x number of seconds, you could add a run javascript, store the value when it reaches x.

Hope this helps!

Thanks @animisha45

A javascript solution wouldn’t be the best approach in this case though since the issue is affecting users with strict browser/network settings, meaning that the popup probably won’t be displayed.

A do when approach which has a 'x seconds reached' and 'RG not visible' like you suggested would be a good route, but i need the timer to be within bubble natively rather as a javascript

Anyone got any suggestions?

Is the issue affecting all DB traffic? If so, the DB could hold a certain known value, and the page could check for it with a timeout

@mishav Just a very a small percentage of users due to their strict browser/network setting.

The data is the same each time as it’s the homepage

The question is more with regards to how to display popups based on a RG still not displaying data after x seconds.

on page load, set current time in a custom state; then schedule a custom event for x seconds; then check for RG’s list count

If the data doesn’t change, it could be static on the page instead of loading from the database. The RG would be nearly instant with static data.

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