How do i display another user's email?

How can i show another user’s email who have originally sent the message? If a user comes in the chat, the only email he will see is his own

If you want to show the email of the person who created the message, you can add a text field and show the current message’s creator’s email address.

It somehow still doesn’t display the email

Each user has an account in which they provide an email?

yes ‘’

You currently have it as “Current User’s email” . It should be “Current Cell’s Message Creator’s email”

Yes exactly but it still wont work

Hi @ahmednsajjad - this is what you had in your app:

This is what I was suggesting changing it to:

Take a look at the output - is that what you wanted to see?

Hmm thanks a lot for that. So how do i instead of creating a new room, the user will enter a room that already exists?

Welcome. :grinning:

You could create a repeating group that lists all of the rooms. The RG could be filtered based on info you collect in the User’s profile.

What about if creator’s is not listing in the option list ?!

Can you describe the scenario a bit more?

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