How do I display data in a list?

Hi, I’m not sure if I worded my question wrongly, but currently I’m facing an issue with displaying transactions.

I’m building an in-house application for an offshore investment fund for investors to track how much funds they have. There is a section for “Transaction History”.

Currently, my “Transaction” is a Thing, and contains the following fields:

  1. Date
  2. Amount
  3. Description
  4. Email

The transaction is displayed based on the email. The issue right now is that I have no problem displaying the Transaction’s Description by using :first item. How do I display the subsequent ones without having to go by manual calculation (e.g. item #4)?

The way I display is like this with three Text that accept dynamic expressions:

  1. Search for Transactions:first item’s Date
  2. Search for Transactions:first item’s Amount
  3. Search for Transactions:first item’s Description

How do I display the subsequent ones without doing it manually? Is there a way?

Thank you! Any help would be really appreciated.

hey @ndisisnd

You have to use a Repeating Group for that. Have a look at that example:

In your example you would need to set the type of content to Transaction
And the data source to Current User’s Transactions

Each cell represents one item (i.e. item #1, item #2, and so on), so you would have as many cells as you have items. You just need to include text elements in the first cell with the correct dynamic data (i.e. Current cell’s Amount) and all following cells will follow the same logic.

Hope that helps!

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