How do I display this data in a group?

Hey, I’ve finally figured out how to create data types and link inputs to it - but now I’m kind of lost on the next step of actually displaying the data.

What I’m thinking of is a list sorted by date created.

So like:
Field Note A (details)
Field Note B (details)
and so on.

I’m not sure what you’re asking exactly…

But to display data, you generally need to either do a search for it, or refer to it directly…

What are you trying to do?

Users can submit notes into this form, which is added to the data set pictured above.

I want a short summary (image, location, date) to show up on this page. When it’s tapped, I’d like a pop up with all of the data and a way to edit.

I’d like for each note added to be on its own line so people can go back and look through all of their past notes.