How Do I Do Math With Lists Items Together to Come Up With Sums And Averages? Formulas?!?

Hey there! No Idea how to do this.

I want to score users content from 1 to 10!

I already have drop down box for each repeating content piece.

Can anyone point me in right direction how to do this?

So if I have for example:
Content 1
MP - Score: 10

Content 2
MP- Score: 5

Content 3
MP - Score: 5

How do I do math with items on a list that are a numerical value?

Math such as:

(10 + 5 + 5) 20 out of 30

((10 + 5 + 5) 20/)) 6.6

Thank you!!

2 bits of advice:

#1 - use input elements, not text (can’t do calculations with text elements)

#2 - Bubble doesn’t do “order of operations” so you may need interim calculations in hidden input elements to get the calculation order right


Helpful advice ty!

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