How Do I Do Pop-ups like reddit with the Page & Sub Reddit URL

Hi All!

I hope I’m posting this in the right place. Quick question on Reddit when your on the home menu and you click on a post an Overlay or Popup shows up. The URL changes though to that sub-reddits URL. So for instance, if I was on the homepage the Pop-up would Open and I would see the URL at the top of the change to from to is. The thing is though there is no page loading. How do I go about doing something like this?

Hi mack2580,

This is possible indeed. Here the steps:

1.When a button is clicked, use the element action “go to page”, but select the same page you are on already. Also check send more parameters e.g. popup = 1.
watch that this always has to be the final action of any workflow
2. Go to the workflow tab and click the empty workflow box and add the action: When condition is true
When “get data from url” the part “popup” (edited above) is not empty, show that popup.
Make sure this condition is set to run this “every time, as shown in the screenshot” not “only once”
3. To change the URL back again upon closing. Use the action: When popup is closed, change URL again to just the index page (or other parameters).


hope this helps
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