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How do I edit length of event in Calender?

Im looking at the reference and it says to use a date input but that does not allow me to input a time, how do I specify the start time (Not day) of an event and the duration (1 hour, 30 minutes, ect.)

I accomplished this with a Date/Time picker where the user selects the start/end time. This gives both the date and time options if you Edit it and change the Input Type to Date & Time. Then all you have to do is add a workflow that takes the current Start Time and uses the “change minutes to” or “change hours to” options to add the entered duration. Below is a partial example that should do the trick if you expand it to calculate the minutes to add.

Note that I haven’t tried this yet… But it should work…


I was looking at the forum app, just as you replied, this seems to be the best answer, thank you! Much appreciated.

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