How do I email all my users?

Hello everyone, is the ability to send multiple emails with backend workflows broken right now? I followed so many different online tutorials and when I run the workflows via a button in my admin dashboard it only emails my account (according to the logs) and not my other users.

I have checked the “ignore privacy” for both the scheduler and workflow so I’m not sure what is a way that works. Can someone forward me a tutorial that works in 2023 for this? Why is it only emailing me me and not all users?

Please, send a screenshot of the send workflow. Also, have you authorized / whitelist your domain with Sendgrid?

I have not and I don’t have sendgrid plugin, is it required for this? any tutorials out there. What is wrong with these above, it only sends email to me currently

What does the actual action of your WF look like?

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