How do I get rid of extra space above text in Text element?

For some reason all my text has this extra space above it, as shown here:

The highlighted element is a Text element (not a group that the text is in). You can see that the bottom edge lines up with the extent of the text, but there is space on top that makes it a pain to align with other elements. This seems to happen with all my text.

How do I get rid of this? All margins are set to zero, and in the Styles editor I checked “Center the text vertically”. I even set the line spacing to 1, which has other undesirable side effects (it does take away some of the space, but not all as you can see).

Why this extra space here, and how can I get the Text element height to match the actual height of the text?


I don’t know why it does it… it just does…

But you can always play around with a negative line height, and some bottom padding until the text element matches perfectly the height of the text within it.

I think I know why - the font has certain characters that are that tall, so all characters must be that tall. Here are some taller characters in this font:


Those don’t quite reach the top but there are probably some that do.

Same thing for the bottom - if you take away the y, there’s space at the bottom that’s needed for the y even though it’s not there:


So unfortunately I think playing with negative margins or adjusting other elements around the text is the only way to go. Oh well!

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