How do I get the Bubble Boilerplate?

I’m going through the tutorials and the narrator is showing off a demo app that theoretically appears when you create a new app. I’d love to be able to poke through the demo app and see how things are wired up, but no matter what I choose when creating a new app, I only get a blank screen.

Thanks, all!

Hi there, @eric16… to the best of my knowledge, the boilerplate went away when Bubble switched over to the new responsive engine as the default for all new apps. Maybe someone else knows differently, but again, that is what I believe happened.


Thanks for the heads up.

Big-company things like deleting the template that the entire tutorial sits upon is bound to happen :slight_smile:

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Hi Eric.

As Mike said, after the new responsive engine went live back in June, the boilerplate index page and reusable elements were removed from the newly created apps. You get a clean app when you create one. Though when you create an app from a template you of course get the app with all of the template’s features.

As a starting point, there is a Bubble in-house tutorial/template which they released - Bubble Responsive Game Template | Bubble to get an idea of what is the New Responsive Engine which you can check out if you want to see how things are set. :slight_smile:

Hope this helps.