How do I get the constraints to display all items in a RG

Hi Everyone

I would really appreciate some assistance I am facing.

I have a RG that displays stocks in had and a few filters to filter the data. One of the filters is filetr by team as shown in the image:

The team data set is set up like in the image. The team members are nothing but a list of Locations:

In my workflow, I am trying to display the list in RG when the Dropdown option for team is selected. In the constraint, it allows me to select the first item or last item but that only shows the first Location in the team and not all locations.

If I try to select “items until #”, it gives me an error

How Do I get the RG to show all the 3 locations under the team?



The way repeating groups work is to only allow you to visualize the data and the data type you set on that repeating group must be the same data type you provide in the datasource.

Sounds like you are trying to display a different type of data when the user makes a selection. You can consider various approaches and they would depend on your user experience/UI that you’d like to achieve.

One is to hide the RG showing stocks and show a RG showing teams once a selection has been made.

Another is to have a ‘nested repeating group’ in that the RG for stocks has an RG in it for teams and that RG for teams is visible or not based on if the current cell stock is selected.

Thanks a lot. I’ll try that out.