How do I globalize a workflow?

How can I globalize a workflow to run even when users are logged out. This workflow is a database trigger that triggers an API call (whether they are logged in or not) when X field is not null. I cant seem to get it to apply globally for all active users.

How does that field get its value? Can you attach the workflow to the end of whatever is making the updates?

The field gets its value from a user. This user has a master account. Other users are considered subscribers. This is all under a data type called mirror. With three fields: Master (the field type is: user aka the master of the group), subscribers (the field type is a list of users by which are subscribed), the last type is called ActiveTrade with a field type of Text. When the Master enters a position it changes that field from “null” to “(position details)”. Im trying to implement a dynamic workflow that triggers API calls for all the subscribers (whether they are logged in or not) using their own internal risk parameters updated in their settings. I cant seem to trigger workflows on multiple accounts when a global database field is updated. Whether you can answer that conundrum of a question or not, I appreciate your input.

I understand your situation, and here’s how I would approach it:

  1. When the master trader updates their Active Trade, schedule a backend workflow (note that this feature is not available on the free plan).
  2. The input for the backend workflow should be a list of users. Name it ‘Users’, set the type to ‘User’, and make sure it’s marked as a list or array. Additionally, pass the ActiveTrade information to the backend workflow.
  3. Within the backend workflow, apply any necessary changes to the user based on their risk parameters and the active trade information.
  4. When scheduling the backend workflow in the first step, it will prompt you to specify which users should be affected. You should be able to reference the list of subscribers associated with your mirror data type.

This approach should allow you to trigger API calls for all subscribers, regardless of whether they are logged in or not, when the master field is updated.

Thanks for the input. I finally got it solved with something similar after being stuck for like a week on this problem. Your about the only one who has attempted to answer my question with a potential solution and for that I appreciate you.