How do I grab a value from an input and add to a list?

Hi All,

I new to and totally amazed at this app I’m struggling with a few things and wondered could anyone help with the following.

How do I grab the value of a quantity input on my list of repeating products and add it to a list?

A have the list built and I’m adding the product from my db which is working fine but cant figure how to transfer the value a user enters in the qty input?

any help much appreciated.

Follow the basic lessons. You will find the answer. If you don’t follow them you will get stuck with similar tasks that take around 30 seconds to implement.

Hi @nocodeventure thanks for your response I have viewed this videos and have made great progress as a result.

‘Defining a field as a list of things’ video comes closest to what I require and is very useful.

I’m using states to build the list and whilst the products are pulled from my Products table the quantity value is a static input in the repeating group completed by the user and does not initially reside in the db.

Should I be looking at another tutorial perhaps?

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Great to see you’re making progress.

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