How do I have data types that are common to all users

Most of my data types are specific to all users, which I totally understand. But what if I have some data types that I want to be the same for all users.

For example, say I have a set of five tools to choose from. Each of these tools will take them to a different page. So tool 1 my take the users to, etc.

I want to use a data type to store these tools and the corresponding urls they link to and I want this data type to be global, i.e. all users will see the same data type and list of Tools.

Another example might be if I had a data type in which I store random quotes. When someone visits the site it displays one of these random quotes. I want me to be able to administer this centrally, same as with the Tools data type.

How do I do this with Bubble?

If I understand your question correctly, the way to make a data type universally available for all users to see would be to

  1. Make a new data type in your database
  2. Populate it with the data fields you want it to have ( ie: tool / url or quote text )

Then you must find a way to display them to users.

Ah! Stupid me. I hadn’t thought that the data I am looking at is the development-only data and that I need to enter it all in again (or export/import) so as to populate the live data.

It is the first time I had gone live, so one learns, and hey, it was first thing in the morning and I mustn’t have quite woken up :slight_smile:

There is a way to automatically copy it over to live mode…I forget where it was I read about it, I think it was a post I created a few weeks ago about it…search the forum for development mode and live mode data…you may come across the post…sorry but I forget the post link

Thanks for that I will take a look as that would be a lot easier than having to export/import each time.