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How do I hide a shown element in a repeating group when that same element is opened in another child of the repeating group?

Hello all!

I have a repeating group of different logos. When I click the download icon on one of the repeating group’s logo cards, a new element pops up with some download details. If I have not closed the download details on one logo and I click the download button on a second logo, I will then have two logo cards with download details open on them.

What I want to happen is if one logo has download details opened and I click on the download button on another logo, I want the first download details to hide so that only one download detail can be open at a time.

How can I achieve this?

I’ve already tried using a focus group, but I cannot reference any object within the repeating group, so that won’t work.


There are a bunch of different ways to do something like this. Just my first thought to do what you want is to have a data field on your data type as Show Yes/No. Then when one item is triggered it resets the list of all yes/no and then changed that one as yes. It might be sort of slow compared to something in a set state or group focus.

Another alternative is to just show a popup. Send only one piece of the data at a time for it to be downloaded. I am sure this just isn’t as UX friendly or cool but it would work as well.

If I think of another idea I will let you know.

Here is another idea: Bubble Hack: How to have a vertical menu show upon clicking something with a repeating group cell

Click here to learn more

Hope that helps! :blush:

Thanks! I’ve set up a yes/no field, but I’m not exactly sure how to reset them all when an item is triggered. Unfortunatley, I have a ton of interactions like this, and it would be much easier if just clicking off hid the element. Is there any way to get focus groups to work inside of a repeating group element?

Yeah, check out the link above. It works, I think, like you want it to.

This one: Bubble Hack: How to have a vertical menu show upon clicking something with a repeating group cell

I see. Thanks! I’ll give it a shot now :slight_smile:

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Hope that helps! :blush:

This will work well for my tooltips, but I can’t figure out how to put dynamic data in the reusable element. So when I open up the focus group from within the repeat group cell, it doesn’t display any thumbnail image :frowning:

New method on left, old method on right:

You probably need to send the group focus the data. Or send it with a custom state within the group focus. Sort of like how, in the example, they have the User that it displays. Each cell would be sending a different User to the Group Focus. It would be the same thing for you, you just need to send the data to it that you need.

Hope that helps! :slight_smile:

I think what you’re telling me is definitely helpful. Unfortunately, I have no idea how to do it. I would happily jump on a Zoom call with you if you would be willing to show me there. If that’s possible, can I contact you through no code minute?

I see now that you charge for your consultations through no code minute. I’m sure your time is definitely worth it, but I will continue to try to figure it out on my own :slight_smile:

Yeah, I try to provide free help here on the forum when I have a few minutes in-between sessions. Maybe later this week I will be able to give you more help here, unless someone answers it for you before then. :+1:

I also help out others on my site, which always have priority over the Forum, for a cheaper price. Here is a discount code to save $10/month on our Members Only, eLearning Hub. Check it out if you would like.

Here is an example of how it works:



Hope that helps! :blush:

Thank you very much! I cannot seem to get a data source field on the reusable element like your example has :frowning: Not really sure what I’m doing wrong there…

Make sure you choose a data type in the reusable element. Check out this part of the example:

You’ve done it! You’ve shown me the way! I have figured it out. Thanks so much!!!

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So glad that helped! :slight_smile: Keep up the good work! :+1:

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