How do I link multiple inputs to one user in the database?

I’m using a multistep sign up process for the users, but as I’m testing it, I see that the inputs in the database are not in 1 row.

How do I make so that all the inputs are for 1 user?


Hello! Looks like you are trying to add multiple “Hygiene Certificates” to the same user?

If so, the field “Hygiene Certificates” needs to be setup to allow multiple entries (you can do this on the pop up thats asks you the name and type of field. There is checkbox) This way in step 1 you will add the uploaded document. Then in step 2 you will “add” the next item to the list. The entries for this will all be seperated by commas.
Example: file1, file2, file3, file4, etc.

Hey Joseph!

Thanks for answering!

In fact each user should upload the certificate once, the reason why it shows so many times is because I pressed the button so many times (frustration) and it added it.

the goal is for each user to upload one certificate, one permit and their business information in a multistep-multipage process.

Hi there, @mohamad_20-4… I’m sure @joseph.farinhas has you covered here, but I will throw this thought out there. It sounds like in your multi-step process, you are creating a new thing in every step as opposed to creating a new thing in the first step and then making changes to that thing in subsequent steps. Does that make sense and does it sound like how you might have your workflows set up?


Hey @mikeloc,

You’re right, I’m creating a new thing at each step of the flow since each step the user does new inputs. Are you suggesting that I regardless if the things are empty that I should have them created and then create a workflow to change those things with the actual inputs in the later steps?

Are all of these things stored in the User data type? If so, you don’t need to create a new thing at any point in the workflow because the user is created during the sign-up process. So, at each step of your multi-step process, you just need to make changes to the current user and store the value of the step’s input in the associated field for that user.

If the things are stored in a data type that is not the User data type, then in the first step of the multi-step process, you would create a new thing in that data type (which will automatically be associated with the current user), and then in subsequent steps, you would make changes to the thing you created in the first step.

Any of that make sense? I hope it’s helping you get closer to the desired outcome.


Sorry @mohamad_20-4 from the screenshot i thought you needed to upload multiple of the same entry to the the same user. @mikeloc is on the right track with you. best of luck!


It does make sense.

But I’m uncertain if I have setup the database correctly.

I have 3 types of users, X, Y and Z. I am having them select who they are during the sign up flow.

I created a data type just to differentiate those types (as per the screenshot)

I would also make another data type for each of X, Y and Z. And fill each data type with the data from the multistep sign up process. Example of X data type fields (screenshot)

I’m unsure if I’m doing things right so far? Any guidance will be super helpful!

Ah, okay… I definitely would have gone a different route with the 3 types of users. I would use an option set to define the different user types, and I would have a type field in the User data type to store the type for a user when they sign up. Then, it’s kind of hard for me to say exactly where I would go from there because I know nothing about your app, but I would likely have one or more additional data types to store the details for the different user types (as opposed to storing everything in the User data type), and the specific steps/inputs that are presented to the user as part of the multi-step sign-up process would be driven by a user’s type.

The above being said, though, it all comes back to the workflows of the multi-step process. In the first step, you would create a new thing in the custom data type, and in the subsequent steps, you would make changes to the thing you created in the first step. That’s the way to get everything for a particular user associated with one row in the custom data type.

You could also consider keeping the results of the multi-step process in custom states and then creating a thing in the custom data type at the end of the process… just more food for thought.

Hey @mikeloc,

I have gone ahead and made a change to the User type by adding a type field to it, based on your suggestion.

I also did create new things for the files that will be uploaded in the next steps. But when I try to make a change to the things I get this at the later steps, I’m a bit confused with the configuration here

Any idea what I should do?