How do I make a button take you to another page WITHOUT doing anything esle?

Hi! so, I’m actually getting the hang of this! :slight_smile:
Anyway, still, I have a new issue: I now have a button that takes me to another page. this is awesome and everything execpt it doens’t work in preview mode, it keeps saying I need another step! thats all I want that button to do, tho, take me to another page…
Thanks in advance guys, I know this is probs all super simple for you lot ! :wink:


Are you using the “Go to page” action?
If so, could you please share a print of your workflow?

Hi! Yeah, I think I am…!
anway, I assume you mean a snip-

so there it is! I literally have like 2 things on that page so far so yeah!
thank you!

What is in the “Go to page” block?

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Oh! yay! I was just puzziling over what you meant when I realised I hadn’t filled in which page to go … :rofl: Thank you so much! I would have been totally stumped! it’s so cool to have everyone here reply. thank you, and sorry it was such a silly issue, I’m a complete newbie and am building a prototype for a school project. Goodnight ( or whatever time it is if this is international!)

No problem! :call_me_hand:
Glad to help!

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