How do I make an ad free version for users on a paid plan

Hey I want to create a paid plan where users can pay by the month and therefore get my website ad free. Im not quite sure how to do this if I am going to use Google Adsense. Thanks in advance for any help!

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Hey! Welcome to bubble.

Here’s a quick video on custom states. (It’s not mine but it will serve the purpose of what you’re trying to do)

In this case, he’s using the state of color to change what appears on the page in each situation, yellow or red

In your case you would be showing ads based on if someone was paid or not, and whatever element you use, (whether its a google adsense plugin someone has made or you’re using and embed with an html element) You can have the ad elements appear and disappear based on this.

Hope this helped and wasn’t too simple of an example


No no this was super helpful it gave me a great idea. Thanks!!!