How do i make my app in to a SaaS for users to subscribe to?

Hello everyone. I have built a bubble app for managing hospitals. I need help on how to make it a SaaS product so my users simply subscribe to the same instance of the app.
thanks in anticipation of your help.

You would need to construct your database so that you can have multiple users who will have control over their accounts data.

That is the start, but there is a lot more you may want to consider like privacy rules, payments etc.

Is your app finished?

Almost. i already have the MVP

Then you would likely have most things necessary. Just need to put in a payment processing for subscriptions and think through privacy rules.

Ok. thanks for the reply

I’ve been writing a free newsletter about building a SaaS on Bubble, you might find some of the past issues helpful :grin:


Thanks for sharing. Cheers!

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