How do I make specific filter recognizing "Creative Casing/Formatting" text in an input?

App description: Music distribution service that publishes and delivers your music to Spotify, Apple Music, etc.

Task being developed: Submission flow process: entering the metadata of the album (title, release date, artist name, etc.). This app will require some additional information about the artist name if it includes any type of “creative casing/formatting.”

Definition of “creative casing/formatting”: A name that includes at least one “word” (word = one or more characters with no spaces or periods in between) that is not “standard name casing” (first character capitalized, all other characters lowercase).

To be super clear, here are some examples of creative casing/formatting:

  • McDonald (capital letter in the middle)
  • FKA twigs (“FKA” is in all caps with no spaces or periods in between, “twigs” is all lowercase)
  • USA (all caps with no periods or spaces in between)
  • M i c h a e l (spaces in between each letter qualify each letter as a word, technically. For this to be accepted, it would have to be “M I C H A E L.”)

Examples of acceptable casing:

  • U.S.A. (because there are periods in the middle this is okay)
  • 420king (even though “king” is lowercase, the letter “k” is not the first character in the word)

My goal: The website requires the user to add artist names to an “artist bank” first, where they then add it to the song, instead of having to type it out each time. To add the artist name to the bank, the user will type the name into an input field and then click an “add” button. THIS is where I want the system to trigger a set of other fields to appear for the user to fill out before the name is added to the bank, IF AND WHEN the name includes creative casing/formatting.

My question: How in the world do I create this exact filter that cues these other fields to appear when the “add” button is clicked? It would be, like:

  • when [button - add] is clicked > show element [group - creative casing info] > only when [???]

Bless your soul if you can help. :pray:

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