How do I make the left side of a constraint dynamic?

Hi there,
I need your help with the following issue.

The goal:
I want to create dynamic crosstabs and analyze data in a similar way as to changing column filters in an Excel Sheet.


  1. I have a table with many fields and many lines. I do not want to create additional tables.
  2. I do several searches with the following constraint: ColumnA < max
    “ColumnA” is the field name in the database, max is a dynamic value obtained from a Dropdown element.
  3. I want to make “ColumnA” dynamic as well and be able to change the constraint to “ColumnX” using another Dropdown that contains accurate field names.

Question: How do I make the left side of the equation dynamic?


You have to use a filtered > advanced to do that I think. The “constraint” is fairly limited.

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