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How do I make user data private so that admins can't see it

I’m building an app where users will input their own information and it gets saved. But as the Admin, I can see all of their inputs. How do I set the privacy settings so that it is completely restricted to their eyes only? I need to be able to guarantee that their info is completely secure.

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Credit to @MattN

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The problem you face is that as the user for the Bubble editor (if that is what you mean by Admins) you can see all of the data - there is the Data tab in the editor - it has create/read/update/delete of all the data in the application. You are effectively a Database Administrator as an application editor.

If you mean as an application user - then privacy rules as @cmarchan suggests is the way forward.

Yes - as the application editor, I have access to all the user inputs. Is there a way for me to make it so that I (or anyone else with editor access) can’t see the detail of their inputs?


Consider building an admin page for an admin user role with all the functionality and visibility to data that you want to enable for them

There are a few posts on this topic, and I don’t think a solution was ever agreed upon. It can’t be done in standard Bubble – as the application owner/editor you can see all the data (except passwords).

Closest solution was putting all your data on an external database service that offered encryption, and having Bubble call it via APIs. But still, if encryption was a setting in the external service, you’d still have the ability to see the data, so I think the external service would have to be one where the data is encrypted by default and you as the application owner have zero ability to see it, even if you wanted.

PS: one of the posts is here: Encrypt database

We solved a similar problem for @andrewmccalister here: Not showing sensitive (decrypted) user info in logs - #4 by eli. Please feel free to reach out to me to learn more.