How do I output my Bubble database to a RG so that it *looks* like the actual Bubble database?

My website tracks the baseball card inventories of my collection and my friends’ collections. I created a new data type called “Trading Cards” which has the following 6 fields:

  1. Sport (e.g. baseball vs. basketball)
  2. Player Name (e.g. Kobe Bryant)
  3. Company (e.g. UpperDeck)
  4. Card Number (e.g. 73)
  5. Value (e.g. $45)
  6. Notes & Comments (e.g. Limited Edition hologram)

I can see that our data is accurately captured in the Bubble database. The problem is outputting it so that we all can view it. I create a Repeating Group (RG) where the Data source is “Search for Trading Cards”. Then I try to output/display the entire database by creating a textbox for each cell, but I get stuck here.

In an attempt to list a field like “Player Name”, I create a Text box inside the RG, and for that text box I typed in “Search for Trading Cards’ Player Name”. In the textbox, I see ALL of the Players’ Names squished into the one textbox and then repeated in every row of the RG.

How do I make it so that only ONE player name is displayed PER ROW? Please see my screenshot, thank you.

Hey mate, sounds like you’re doing two searches, so one being on the RG and then you’re searching again inside each RG rows.
What you want to actually do is set the search on the RG and then any text fields in the row are references to the resulting database fields that will appear from the RG search.

Let me know if that doesn’t make sense and I’ll try and pull together an example.

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This example may be helpful alongside my comment…

In the screenshot, I have the RG selected and as you can see in the panel, I’m doing a search for posts.
Then, the actual image and text references are referencing the search result from the RG ‘Search for Posts’ to allow me to display the image and title of one post in each row.

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