How do I pass the value of an item between Repeating Groups?

There is an RG on the admin side. Within this group there is an element that is in the group - toggle, which can be toggled on and off.

Admin creates cards inside this RG - random number of cards, and in random cards toggle toggle. Now for some cards toggle is off, for some cards it is on.

Admin has a “Publish” button, when clicked, the data is passed to the client side.

How can I transfer these card values (which card is on/off) to the client side when the button is pressed?

You can use the plugin called Orchestra to trigger workflows inside RG from the page.

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You don’t need to use unnecessary plugins. Just create a reusable element, add property to it & stick it inside the repeating group.

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you mean state?? or what the property? where I can add it?