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How do I publish to my custom URL?

I finished my first draft of my website, now I want to point the IP address to my custom URL. I followed the instructions and expected to find a choice for where to publish and it just simply published it to the URL. I found the DNS records for pointing my URL to Bubble, however, I already have an A record for the root domain which points to Outlook 365 because my email is there. I don’t want to muck up my email. I also have records that are specific for the email in my DNS records.

How do I add the bubble IP without messing up my email?

I was wrong, all my mail is at another IP. The IP wasn’t for Outlook 365, so my host said I could change it to the one that I got from Bubble. Now we will see if I did everything right once DNS populates, wish me well :wink:

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