How do I refresh a popup?

I have an HTML element containing the MathJax init code, inside of Popup A.

It works once (with show / hide). On successive previews of the user’s LaTeX text, it shows the raw unrendered MathJax.

So I think I need to refresh the popup somehow, but Bubble doesn’t seem to have that action.

Please add it!

In the mean time, how can I work around this issue?

As it relates to workflow actions, a popup is a type of group. Given that, you can use the “reset a group’s data” action

Here’s a quick GIF that shows you to use the reset a group’s data. You can also use this in conjunction with “when a popup is closed”


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That doesn’t work here. The data is updated fine. It’s that the javascript of the HTML needs to be run “again”.

If there were a MathJax tool we could use to fix this that would be awesome.

If that’s the case, can you make use of this plugin?

Try Run javascript:


Or put the above in a HTML element, along with a dynamic expression that will refresh when the text to be rendered refreshes.

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