How do I remove the date option from date time

I am trying to create a booking app where a user selects the date, and then a star time and end time ONLY on that same date
I believe the date/time picker is useful but there is no option to remove the date from the date/time

if I am not able to remove the date, then how would I go about letting a user pick a start date and time and limit the end date and time to be on the same date?

  1. Create a date field with only the date. When this field is modified, save the change in the custom state.
  2. Create a dropdown or input field for the hours and minutes.
  3. When the field for hours/minutes is modified, trigger a workflow to update the state. Set the state to change the hours to the value of the input field, converted to a number. (Or, of course, change the minutes if that field is modified.)

You can then save the custom state with the time.

And the other option is off course to use the standard min-max of the Date/Time Picker if you want everything in one element. :slight_smile:

Schermafbeelding 2023-08-16 152608

Thats amazing, Thank you!

Any ideas on how I could go about preventing users from overlapping bookings that already exist or even when a specific time in unavailable (for a lunch break or something)?

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