How do I report datatypes changes?

Hey Guys,

I’d really appreciate it if someone could give me some guidance in the best way to achieve one thing on Bubble.

Basically, I have a datatype “Products” that update daily about the price, quantity, etc. and wanted to gather information about the products changes to display this information to the user, for example, the number of products that price changed last week, number of product out of stock last week compared to this week, etc.

How is the best way to have this option in my app? Does anyone can put me in the right direction, because I’m not sure where to start.


Hi Bruno,

I don’t know if is the best practice, but I mean you can resolve it by these steps:

  1. Creating collection Product Price Change (Product, Datetime, New Price)
  2. Creating collection Product Stock Change (Product, Datetime, New Stock)
  3. Creating the Trigger => when the Price is Changed, then insert item to Product Price Change
  4. Same as a step 3 but with Stock
  5. Then you can create reports on collections (Product Price Change, Product Stock Change)

Petr Majtán,

Thanks @petr

So, In this case, I should create a new dataype to save all the changes?

Yes, I mean Creating collection Product Price Change => Creating new data type Product Price Change

Awesome! Thanks @petr

you’re welcome, @bruno1