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How Do I Retrieve the Body of a RESTful API call into Bubble?


So close here. My API is working flawlessly in Postman and I’m able to get Bubble to send the dynamic parameters to use it, then receive a JSON body as a response.

HOWEVER, I can’t figure out how to tell bubble what to do with this set of JSON data I’m receiving.

The data is a list of numbers that represent available appointments for a hair salon. Because bubble does’t handle time well in the format of 3:30-4:30 for an hour long appointment, I am returning “15,30,16,30” to represent that same hour long appointment.

How do I tell Bubble how to interpret the data and how can I store this data into an object “thing” I already have in Bubble’s database? I have Employee things. Each Employee should have a schedule.

Thank you in advance!

Hey, JSON response example would help.

What API is it?

When you initialised the call did you tell Bubble that field on the response was a date interval?

Thank you. Sorry for the delayed response. I ended up getting it to work. The API was my own API I wrote.