How Do I Return A Calculated Value

I am trying to return data from the API where it first returns a list of Things and then I’m trying to add to the Things a calculated number value but can’t figure out how to ‘connect’ them to one another.

How can I reference the list of Things searched from a Return data from API action in a backend API workflow?

This way I can reference the Thing from action 1 in action 2 and run a calculation against the data and hopefully send it back in another return data from API call.

Trying to have the user input a departure and arrival location and have the distance calculated against the speed at which Action 1 list goes to arrive at a travel time and then * that by the Action 1 items’ hourly rate and return the final price by API.

Until Bubble releases its updates I’d think you need to store result to “connect” / compare them.

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