How do I run Java files from Bubble?

Hi everyone,

I have some Java files that I need to run based on a some data that is sent from my Bubble app.

Basically I need to achieve 3 things:

  • Save the Java files + 1 Shell file somewhere on Bubble or an external server
  • Pass some data from my app to the Shell file (basically some settings)
  • Run the shell file which will run the code in the Java files*

Any advice on how to set this up?

My thinking was that I need an external server (e.g. Heroku) save the Java + Shell files there and then somehow pass my data from Bubble to the server. I’m looking for the simplest solution since I’m not a professional developer :slightly_smiling_face:

This is my thinking.

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Do you think Xano or Backendless could work instead of Heroku? Is it possible to run Java code in those?

No. Those environments run JavaScript at best. Nothing more.

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