How do I set a reusable element's Content value?

This seems like it’s a lame question. Somehow, I think I’d solved it months ago, but right now I’m drawing a blank.

How do I set the content value for a reusable element?

As an example, I have a reusable element, reAction, that has Type of content set to Action. (Think of Action as a to-do.) It contains no other elements since it only exists to contain workflows that work on Action things.


The reusable element will be used on several pages and within several other reusable elements. Where it is used, I need to be able to set reAction’s content to an Action particular to that page or reusable visual element.

How is this done?

Hey there @laurence.

You can set a reusable element data source either on the element itself, in design view, or through a workflow action – both can be done on the page holding the element:

Is that what you were looking for?

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This looks like what I need and forgot. “Display” wasn’t the most intuitive verb for action on a non-visible element, but it seems to be the right thing to do. Thanks, Ken.

Think of it as “shove”. Shove this data into the thing.

(BTW, @mebeingken’s response is a pro tip. Until seeing that I’d not thought about reusables as being plain old groups. Which of course they are. So you can shove data at them from workflow actions. It’s neat.)


My first laugh of the day. Thanks!